Sentence Diagramming Made Easy.

What they offer

Let's Diagram allows you to create, save, and download sentence diagrams. Using their drag and drop tool, you can easily create any sentence diagram. You can even colour code and save your diagrams as images.
Let's Diagram also has tools for teachers. You can create classrooms, student accounts, and assign and review student work.
If you're new to sentence diagramming, you can purchase The Get Smart Grammar Program from Let's Diagram and complete the exercises using the software.

Who this is for

  • Students learning sentence diagramming.
  • Teachers who are looking to help students learn sentence diagramming.
  • Teachers who are looking for an easier way to create diagrams to be included in presentations, assignments, or documents.

Use cases

  • Create a diagram, download the PNG image, and include it in your next slideshow.
  • Purchase Get Smart or Rex Barks, watch the video lesson or read the chapter then complete the included exercises.


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